Your Time with God

Combine this process with these three essentials of discipleship:

1. Getting Truth and Promises
Father, what truths or promises do you want me to see in this chapter today?                                          John 8:32, 2 Peter 1:4 

2. Receiving Adjustments and Assignments
Holy Spirit, what adjustments or assignments do you have for my life today?                                    Galatians 5:16, John 16:14 

3. Giving Support and Encouragement
Lord Jesus, what support and encouragement do I need to share with other followers of Christ?                    Romans 12:15 

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  1. Very good pastor I like studying God's word am happy to b part of this

  2. It was so good for you to remind me that He knows and that's enough. That I'm not alone; that He can walk on all my troubled waters and I can invite Him aboard to take His place at the helm. Thank you humble and loving under -the Great Shepherd pastor 🤗

  3. I received so much incite and revelation today.
    During both services. I am almost heary with direction if that makes sense.
    I connected w John 11:41 and 42. I heard Holy Spirit clearly say. See I am always modelingwhat you are to do.
    So to act on this. I am praying for my heart to be rooted in thankfulness to God. Just like Jesus. To seek more of Jesus today. Less of me.


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